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Monday, July 26 2021

Pet Peeves

By Nancy B. Gibbs

What little pet peeves do you carry around with you? There have been ongoing debates as to whether the toilet paper should be rolled off from the top or the bottom. There are clever reasons for both ways, but in my opinion, just as long as we have toilet paper I’m happy.

Now, I have to admit there are some things that bother me. “Groceries half put up.” Roy has a way of leaving cookies on the island. He knows I have a love affair with cookies and every time I walk through the kitchen I pick up one or two. If they were in the cabinet, where they belong, I’d have to do a little more to get ahold of them. I’d eat less that way and the cookies would last longer. But every time I say something about it, I’m chomping on a Chocolate Chip delicacy. He doesn’t hear me!

I’m sure there are many little things I do that annoy him. He’s a perfectionist while folding up clothes. If I get them halfway neatly folded, and tucked away in my closet I’m happy. He’s annoyed that every crease wasn’t straight, when I return to watch tv.

I try to keep my stuff as straight as possible. His stuff has a way of creeping out of his study.

He is one of those “box” people. He cannot throw away a good box. And just because they are stacked neatly in a corner doesn’t mean they should be there in the first place. In my opinion boxes should go in the garbage.

I clean up by dumping unneeded stuff in the garbage can. He keeps old bills and newspapers. Of course when I bring it up he tells me he keeps them because I probably have an article or two in them. He’s so sweet - both he and my pet peeves. What can I say then?

Pet peeves steal our joy. Instead of eating the cookies on the island, shouldn’t I just put them up? I could cut out my articles and throw the rest of the newspaper away after we both have read it. When I empty a box I should not tempt him to save it by leaving it in the middle of the living room floor. And maybe I should take a couple more minutes to fold my clothes.

While there are pet peeves, I also possess many blessings by “my man” being with me. He cooks most of the meals. He buys most of our groceries. He does his own laundry and sometimes mine (see above). He takes care of our pets. He names every stray cat and makes sure I call them by name.

I have time to write and share God’s messages to the world because he does the things I hate to do. A few weeks ago I walked into the kitchen and there was the most beautiful banana pudding on the island. I couldn’t believe he made it all by himself. There may be a few little things he does which annoy me; but there are many, many more things he does to bless my life.

Therefore, I will focus on the good and stop worrying about the cookies on the island. I’ll throw away my boxes before he gets the chance to inspect them, and I’ll cut out my articles and stack them on his desk. I’ll fold my clothes and put them away while he’s in the kitchen making banana pudding. But mostly I’ll thank God that He sent my soulmate to me. Pet peeves or not, he is the most incredible man I’ve ever known.

Love your mate. Overlook the pet peeves. Think on the good and be happy today! Love the one you are with. For one day you may be rejoicing in the memories and wishing you could do it all over again.

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