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More Reviews from my readers... Jacob’s Cottage!

Loved the book...I just finished it...I know there is a Hallmark movie in there somewhere...beautiful story! We need more pure Christ-based books and movies...this was your first novel...I feel sure it won't be your last... Donna

That's awesome! Congrats! My Sister could not put Down!! My Daughter Melinda wants to Read it Next!!! Shebra

I read over half last night! Can’t wait to finish it tonight! I love it❤️ God has give you the gift of writing❤️ Patricia

At this rate, you might need to reserve me at least four.👏👏👏. Debbie

That book was great 😊😊😊. Jennifer

Received your book “Jacob’s Cottage” this evening.

I just finished reading it. Oh wow! I loved the story. What a blessing to see how God moved and turned mourning into joy! Awesome read!

5 Stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Leigh

Best book I’ve read in a LONG time. Do yourself a favor and read it. Janet

Woke up at 5:00am and read my book. I loved it. Shows that God's timing is always right on time. Thank you. Ginny

I loved your book! Since I finished reading it, I’ve been daydreaming about the sweet cottage & all of the love it witnessed over the years. Beautiful story. Lucy

What other books do you have? It’s (Jacob’s Cottage) is a good book. My sister got a book and yesterday I read it. It had a good message. I really enjoyed it. Jennifer

I read my book today, it was very good! Phyllis

Couldn't put it down! Read it from cover to cover as soon as I got it! Wonderful story! Great job. Janet

Congratulations! 😢Loved the book, started it last night & finished it. Its a do not put down book. 💞💞 Paula

It was great.I read it this afternoon and ready for the next one. Cassandra

I read the entire book this afternoon. What a beautiful story that I couldn’t put down. Thank you for sharing your writing talent.

I truly luved the book. ❤️❤️🥰😇 Lynn

Everybody should read this book. Nancy

Nancy B. Gibbs YAY, just send me a message. I really want to read the sequel! The first one is really Great and the tears are flowing! ❤️🙏❤️ Doris

I finished your book today! (The Whole book), I really enjoyed it. You are definitely gifted. Cathy

It's a very good book...and I'm glad I read the book before the movie comes out...🥰 Donna

Enjoyed every word. Beverly A

That's so awesome! I enjoyed it immensely. My sister is reading. Beverly H

Got my copy and love it. Cathie

Prayers🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻. Lived Jacobs Cottage, read it in 45 min, I hope you will do more stories about this couple and family! Looking for more to come! Thank you! Sent it to my daughter, who is in hospital with my granddaughter. Kathy.

Absolutely wonderful book! Sadness, joy, peace, God's presence felt. Easily visualized scenes in my mind. Thank you so much! Ramona

I read your book, Nancy! It was great, I really enjoyed it! Lorene

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