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Optimized Process
Jesus is... Dependable., Awesome., Faithful., Forgiving., Loving. He will never leave you.
Tees for Witness

Our tees are made for both beauty and comfort. They are designed to be a witness for Christ. Someone said that every tee shirt is read on the average of 3000. Would you love to witness to others without saying a word? Let our tees do the talking for you. Our desire is that many people will come to know the Lord simply because YOU wore a inspirational shirt in your community.

Books by Nancy B. Gibbs

We have 15 published books at the present time. Some are nonfiction, but the newest books by Nancy Gibbs are fiction. They are loved by hundreds and have received fabulous reviews... Check out our books and see which one you would love to read next! Jacob's Cottage thus far has been a tremendous title and changed the lives of many people. 

Flexible Utilization
Thank You so Much!

Please let us know how you have enjoyed our books. Reviews are what keeps me writing and helps us to be able to continue to publish new books. My readers are my greatest asset. I couldn't do any of what I have done without YOU! You are so very important to me. Thanks for all you do toward my ministry efforts.

Life is What We Make It!

Life is not always easy, but it's always awesome when Jesus is our Lord and Savior and when we allow God to be our biggest fan. Our dreams from yesterday can become our greatest blessings when we depend on Him.

My Favorite Thoughts

Let's Change the World One Story at a time!

Writing Touches the Hearts of Many Souls!

Life Doesn't Have to be So Hard!

Live Life to It's Fullest. It's the Only Way to Fly in the End.

Let Go of it all. Give it all to God!

Don't Let Your Problems of Today Steal the Joys of Your Tomorrow.

I'll Never Die. I'm Saved. So I'll Live Forever... Either Here or There!

Jesus is Just a Prayer Away

Life is Truly a Vapor. What we do here and how we love others will determine where we will be for eternity.