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Jacob's Cottage - The Series

$45 for complete series

Book One  -- Jacob's Cottage

Book Two -- Jacob's Cottage ... Even the Thorns Feel Good

Book Three -- Jacob's Cottage ... Christmas at the Cottage

Jacob's Cottage - Reviews

I couldn't wait for the reveal ...Philip...just a hint for others who have not finished the book. Loved it!ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸???ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸??ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸??ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸???ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸?????ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸?????ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸?????ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸?????ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ย� à¸£?ยà¸?????.Linda

A great book once I started it I could not stop reading.I read it in about 2 hours.I cried at times and also found peace reading it. It showed what a mighty God we serve. Cassandra

I couldn’t wait to read the book….I have read it in it’s entirety. Wonderful, wonderful story!! Thank you so much!! Jacob’s Cottage is the best book I have read in a while!! Christina

I have finished your book and enjoyed it so much. Couldn’t put it down until I finished. I’m going to share it with my daughter. ÃƒÂ Ã‚¸Â£?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸???ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸??ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸??ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸???Faye

You know a book is great when you are reminded of places you loved and dream about them. Thanks Nancy. Ramona

My husband and I both read your book. We both love Jacob’s Cottage! We both think this should be a Hallmark movie. Beautiful story Mrs. Nancy! ÃƒÂ Ã‚¸Â£?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸???ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸??ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸??ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸???ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸???ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸??ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸??ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸???Angie

Oh Nancy, I got the book Monday and had read it by Monday night. I just loved the story. Thank you so much! ÃƒÂ Ã‚¸Â£?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸???ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸??ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸??ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸??ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸?ร?ยà¸?ร?ยÃ? à¸£?ยà¸??? Joy

Thousands of Lives Have Been Made Better 

Nancy B. Gibbs has been writing for twenty-five years. She has contributed stories to the Best Selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series and for both Guideposts Magazines and Guideposts Books. Gibbs has written for hundreds of national magazines, such as Happiness, Woman's World, Family Circle and Decision. Her writings have gone international. Gibbs has written 18 full-length books and novels. She writes because she loves it, but mostly because God called her to write in November of 1997. 

Roy and Nancy have been a part of Gibbs Family Ministries for years. As a husband/wife team they have attended churches all over the country and presented conferences, women's events and musical presentations. They love to serve the Lord in whatever way He calls. If you'd like to discuss having them attend your church and working together to lead your congregation closer to Jesus, please give them a call at 229-938-1760.. Thank you very much.

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