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Nancy B. Gibbs

Mission Statement

My mission is to edify and lift up the Name of Jesus Christ in everything I do or say! If Jesus be lifted up, the world will be a better place to live. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man will go to the Father except through Him. It is my goal to reach as many people as possible and to show them the way of the cross.



Talking Tiles & Tees

Pastor's Wife

Nancy B. Gibbs

Talking Tiles and Tees

My business goal is to make shirts and tiles that will edify the Lord. Therefore I learned the art of vinyl and began making inspirational shirts and decorations for the home. Anything that will remind a person of God should be included in every day life. Wear a shirt that will make a difference when you leave home. You may order by email or through Facebook. More pictures and ideas can be found on Facebook (Nancy B. Gibbs) or (Talking Tiles & Tees). 

Optimized Process
Inspirational Tees

Inspirational Tees

I find while wearing my inspirational tees that many people read them as I meet them. Many will stop me to tell me how much they love them. Each has a positive message for the day and lifts up Jesus. It's a breath of fresh air when we are reminded of Him as we go about our daily lives.

Flexible Utilization
I'll Make it Your Way

If you'd like to spread the gospel in a different kind of way, please contact me and I can design your unique message for you. If you like a design you find on this page or on my Facebook page, let me know. I can make your shirt "your way"... Your size and color and design. Thanks and may God bless you each and every day.

Flexible Utilization
Great Prices For Great Products

You will find that my tiles are tees are very reasonably priced. We cannot spread the gospel if my products cost megabucks like many handmade tees and tiles sold online. My mission and goal is to reach the world for Jesus, not to make a huge profit. Tees and tiles are usually $20 each. I have other items for much less, however. So make sure you visit Facebook and see everything I have to offer.

Optimized Process
Contact Information

Nancy B. Gibbs

Post Office 1344

Byron, GA  31008


Facebook Page: Nancy B. Gibbs, Talking Tiles & Tees

Cell Phone: 229-938-1760

Smooth Transition
    If you want to compare yourself to someone else, make it Jesus.

    Nancy B. Gibbs
    Post Office Box 53
    Cordele, GA 31010

    Email: or


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