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Celebrate Life!

Nancy B. Gibbs

Author, Women's Events Speaker

A church sponsored women's event is the perfect opportunity for ladies of all ages to grow closer to Jesus and to each other. Both large and small churches benefit when their ladies gather together, decorate tables, share a meal (or refreshments), and receive an inspirational message. This is also a great time to share the gospel with those family members, friends and neighbors who do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

During my previous events many ladies have been saved, while others have rededicated their lives to Jesus. They cry and laugh as I speak. Many relax for an afternoon or even for an entire weekend. Most wives and mothers today work hard and find attending a conference or a women's retreat offers them a sense of rejuvenation. I have witnessed changed lives and have oftentimes seen ladies place their burdens on the altar following my talks. It isn't about how many people attend an event. If only one life is changed as a result of the gathering, it's worth it all!

Presenting an event is not as difficult as it might seem. It takes some time and effort, but simply speaking... it is a heartwarming experience for first time hostesses as well as for those who help her. And those who are already experienced hostesses find great joy in watching the ladies in their church receive abundant joy as a result of their efforts.

I have spoken at more than 200 ladies events over the past 17 years. I have written over 100 programs. I will also write programs to fit any theme requested. I love speaking about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I love sharing the gospel with others. I have personally led numerous people to Jesus at my speaking events and my passion has become leading people to Jesus one person at a time.

I am an author, columnist, and freelance writer. I have nine published books. I have written for numerous publishers such as Guideposts, Chicken Soup for the Soul, On Mission, Mature Living and Woman's World. I write for devotional guide and Sunday school papers, as well. For the past 7 years I have presented a devotion on WSST-TV two mornings a week. It is my desire that those who watch Wisdom From the Word will be drawn closer to Jesus as a result.

I have helped women's ministry leaders build and grow a women's ministry program. My audiences run anywhere from 20 to 1000+ ladies. I accept the designated amount of money in your budget or a love offering for my services. 

If you are planning an event or considering an event, please give me a call. I would love to talk to you about how I can help. Thank you.

Prayerfully Yours, From a Mom's Heart to You!


In God's eyes there is no more important role than that of a mother. Constant prayer is a necessary tool for raising healthy and emotionally happy children. Prayerfully Yours, From a Mom's Heart to You, consists of heartfelt prayers beginning the moment a mother discovers a small miracle growing deep within her until the day she becomes a grandmother. Every occurrence in a child's life is worthy of prayer. First ball games, dance recitals, and first dates are events worthy of prayer.

God lends a special listening ear for a mother, as He knows that her prayers are most sincere. This book is written for all mothers and grandmothers. The mother-to-be will find encouragement as she looks ahead. The young mother will relate with each prayer as she lives through each growing stage with her child. The grandmother will look back with fond remembrance, knowing that her prayers made a difference in the lives of her children and grandchildren.


Sample Prayer

Her First Steps

Dear Lord,

She took her first steps today. Does this mean that she's growing up? Just a few months ago, I held her closely to my heart. I cuddled her and pampered her. Now she wants to get down and walk! Where will her little feet take her Lord? How far away from home will she roam?

She grips my finger tightly Lord, as she walks around me with a grin on her face. I don't want to let her go. I want her to depend on me. I need to feel needed. But without notice, suddenly her grip is loosened and she takes a few steps - alone. She plops down on her behind and I try to catch her. She giggles.

Tears of joy fill my eyes. Tears of the loss of an infant fill my heart. Why does she have to grow up so quickly? Before long the scent of baby powder will be replaced with perfume. The pigtails and ribbons will be treasures of the past. My little girl will one day become a young lady. She'll walk out of my life and begin a new life on her own.

I pray, Lord, that she will be equipped to walk in the right direction. Please lead her by your light. You are truly the light of the world. Illuminate her paths for her, Lord. Help me to teach her about you and how to find your will for her life. Her first steps will be etched in my memory forever. Thank you for my child and the footprints that my baby will leave in my heart this day.

Prayerfully yours,

From a Mom's heart to You!

When God created the praying mother, He gave His children a fabulous gift that outweighs anything else that this world has to offer.


Celebrate Life... Just for Today

Once Upon a Memory

Yesterday's Dreams

Prayerfully Yours... From a Mom's Heart to Yours!

Changing Seasons

Lovely Little Ladies

Under the Mistletoe

Overnight Writing Success

When Our Money Fails, God Prevails

    If you want to compare yourself to someone else, make it Jesus.

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