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Nancy B. Gibbs

Author, Women's Events Speaker

A church sponsored women's event is the perfect opportunity for ladies of all ages to grow closer to Jesus and to each other. Both large and small churches benefit when their ladies gather together, decorate tables, share a meal (or refreshments), and receive an inspirational message. This is also a great time to share the gospel with those family members, friends and neighbors who do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

During my previous events many ladies have been saved, while others have rededicated their lives to Jesus. They cry and laugh as I speak. Many relax for an afternoon or even for an entire weekend. Most wives and mothers today work hard and find attending a conference or a women's retreat offers them a sense of rejuvenation. I have witnessed changed lives and have oftentimes seen ladies place their burdens on the altar following my talks. It isn't about how many people attend an event. If only one life is changed as a result of the gathering, it's worth it all!

Presenting an event is not as difficult as it might seem. It takes some time and effort, but simply speaking... it is a heartwarming experience for first time hostesses as well as for those who help her. And those who are already experienced hostesses find great joy in watching the ladies in their church receive abundant joy as a result of their efforts.

I have spoken at more than 200 ladies events over the past 17 years. I have written over 100 programs. I will also write programs to fit any theme requested. I love speaking about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I love sharing the gospel with others. I have personally led numerous people to Jesus at my speaking events and my passion has become leading people to Jesus one person at a time.

I am an author, columnist, and freelance writer. I have nine published books. I have written for numerous publishers such as Guideposts, Chicken Soup for the Soul, On Mission, Mature Living and Woman's World. I write for devotional guide and Sunday school papers, as well. For the past 7 years I have presented a devotion on WSST-TV two mornings a week. It is my desire that those who watch Wisdom From the Word will be drawn closer to Jesus as a result.

I have helped women's ministry leaders build and grow a women's ministry program. My audiences run anywhere from 20 to 1000+ ladies. I accept the designated amount of money in your budget or a love offering for my services. 

If you are planning an event or considering an event, please give me a call. I would love to talk to you about how I can help. Thank you.

 Motivational Speaker - CHRISTIAN KEYNOTE SPEAKER 
What can we do to ignite passion in the hearts of our members? How can we encourage our members to serve God with gladness, not out of obligation? How can we help our members to understand that each one has a particular job in the church and in our communities?
There is only one answer to these questions. We must help our people to see the church as Jesus sees it. Jesus loves His church and wants to see it prosper. In a world filled with problems and trials, many people focus on the negative. It is our jobs to show them that Jesus is greater than our troubles and concerns.

What are some sample programs available for women?
Passion, a String of Pearls and a Cup of Tea. A Basket of Blessings. Becoming an "I Can Lady." Walking on Water.

For men?
Pathways to Success. When the Final Whistle Blows.

For Seniors?
A Glimmer of Hope. How Does Your Garden Grow? Reach for the Stars. Writing for Jesus is Fun. Jesus Loves Even Me.

For Mixed Groups - all ages and genders meeting together?
Feeling Great, God's Way. Five Ways to Live an Extraordinary Life.

What do I charge?
I will work with individual churches and organizations within their own particular budgets. I also ask for my expenses to be paid. My fees depend on the length of my talk and the number of people in attendance. A fair amount will be negotiated, in advance, when traveling is involved. In addition, I ask to bring my books in the event anyone is interested in purchasing them. I do not pressure anyone into buying anything.

What is my Statement of Faith?
I believe that God is our Father, Jesus is His Son and our Savior, and The Holy Spirit is the comforter sent from heaven. The Holy Trinity is the greatest power in the universe. God has a purpose for every life. To be totally successful in life, we should seek to find that purpose each and every day. Jesus is the one and only way to Heaven!

Events Offered

Women's Teas and Conferences

Nancy offers dynamic programs which will cause the ladies to laugh one minute and cry the next. Nancy speaks first about the love of God. She encourages each lady to live with joy, passion and a positive attitude. Nancy teaches the importance of living by faith and looking toward God to discover His unique purpose and dreams for her. (See references on the left side of this page.)


Weekend Celebrations

Gibbs Family Ministries offer a refreshing spirit-filled weekend beginning on a Saturday morning and extending through Sunday night. Roy and Nancy provide spiritual nourishment through various conferences on Saturday (women, men, marriage, parenting and grand-parenting.) The Bible, music, meditation, and motivation are key components in the weekend of renewal.

On Sunday morning, Roy will oftentimes preach and sing. Nancy will present a children's sermon, if appropriate. (The children and adults alike will enjoy that short sermon.) Sunday evening will consist of break-out sessions for small groups. The weekend will be a time of celebration and joy.


Revivals and Pre-Revival Meetings

Roy has been serving in various positions within the church for over 36 years. He leads revivals through preaching and in music. Roy and Nancy present pre-revival programs, preparing small groups (deacons and wives, Sunday school classes, senior citizens, young adults and teens) for personal revival. The pre-revival event is lighthearted and fun; yet also inspirational.


One Service Events

Sunday Evening or Special Events

Nancy presents motivational programs on subjects such as faith, hope, love, and dreams. Roy uses his musical abilities to enhance Nancy's programs, when appropriate.


Contact Us to schedule an event at your church or organization



Speaking Engagements


(A Partial List of Engagements)



September, 2010 - Fayetteville First Baptist Church, Fayetteville, GA, WMU meeting


September, 2010 - Bethel Baptist Church, Cordele, WMU meeting


September, 2010 - Lake Blackshear Baptist Church, Cordele, Women's Conference


August, 2010 - First United Methodist Hispanic Church, Cordele, GA Sunday a.m. service


August, 2010 - Lizella First Baptist Church, Lizella, GA, Ladies Brunch


May, 2010 - Lake Blackshear Baptist Church, Cordele, WMU meeting


May, 2010 - 1st United Methodist Church, Cordele, Ladies Luncheon


May, 2010 - Antioch Baptist Church, Cedartown, GA, Ladies Conference


May, 2010 - Callie Fuller Baptist, Monticello, GA, Ladies Tea


November, 2009 - Woodvale Community Thanksgiving Program


November, 2009 - Trinity Baptist Church,  Senior Citizens Associational Meeting


October, 2009 - Fall Harvest Skit and Program


June, 2009 - VBS, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Adult Class


April, 2009 - Frank Primitive Baptist Church, Ocilla, GA


April, 2009 - Mt. Vernon Baptist Church, Vienna, GA


April, 2009 - Author's Tea at First Baptist Church, Cordele, GA


March, 2009 - First United Methodist Church, Ashburn, Georgia


February, 2009 - Taught two classes at Florida Christian Writer's Conference


February, 2009 - Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Cordele, GA


February, 2009 - Kiwanis Training Program for State of Georgia, Americus, GA


January, 2009 - Noonday Lions Club, Cordele, Georgia


September, 2008 - Trinity Baptist Church, Nevils, Georgia


August, 2008 - Began Tuesday & Friday morning television Spots on WSST-TV, Wisdom From the Word


June, 2008 - Reclaimed Ministries, Bath, New York, Women's Luncheon


June, 2008 - Tulip Church of God, Bloomfield, Indiana


June, 2008 - Hope Community Church, Shamokin, Pennsylvania


May, 2008 - Grace Baptist Church, Powder Springs, Georgia


May, 2008 - Northern Heights Baptist Church, Cordele, Georgia


May, 2008 - School Visit, Brooks Elementary School, Brooks, Georgia


May, 2008 - Smyrna Independent Methodist Church, Pinehurst, Georgia


April, 2008 - WSST - TV, Noon Interview


April, 2008 - NARF Chapter, Hawkinsville, Georgia


April, 2008 - Booksigning, Crisp Area Arts Alliance, Cordele, GA


April, 2008 - Crisp Regional Nursing and Rehab Center, Cordele, GA 


March, 2008 - Crisp Regional Nursing and Rehab Center, Cordele, GA


February, 2008 Cordelia Manor, Cordele, GA and Crisp Regional Nursing


January, 2008 Northbrook Methodist Church, MOPS Program, Roswell, GA


December, 2007 - Joy Baptist Church, Hull, Georgia, Women's Conference


December, 2007 - New Hope Baptist Church, Cordele, GA


December, 2007 - Ten Long-Term Care Facilities in two weeks


October, 2007 - God's People Baptist Church, Douglas, GA, Women's Conference


September, 2007 - Omar Heights Baptist Church, Cordele, GA


June, 2007 - Pope City Baptist Church, Women's Tea Georgia


May, 2007 - God's People Baptist Church, Douglas, Georgia, WMU


April, 2007 - Morningside Baptist Church, Douglas, Georgia


April, 2007 - Crisp Area Chamber of Commerce Administrative Professional Day Speaker, Cordele, GA


March, 2007 - Cordele Masonic Club Sweetheart Banquet, Cordele, GA


February, 2007 - Teamed up with the Diamonds, Valentine's Fest, Cordele, GA


January, 2007 - Penia Baptist Church, Ladies Tea, Cordele, GA 


January, 2007 - Warwick United Methodist Church Senior Citizens, Warwick, GA


January, 2007 - Wacissa United Methodist Church, Wacissa, Florida


December, 2006 - Vienna First Baptist Church, Vienna, GA 


December, 2006 - Cordele United Methodist Church, Cordele, GA


September, 2006 - Southeastern Synod Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church,


August, 2006 - Northside Baptist Church, Valdosta, GA, Missions Speaker


August, 2006 - Blue Ridge First Baptist Church, Blue Ridge, GA


May, 2006 - Kiwanis Club Lt. Governor's Training Retreat, Inspirational Speaker


May, 2006 - Women's Tea Speaker, Crabapple First Baptist Church, Alpharetta, GA


May, 2006 - Cordele First Baptist Senior Citizens, Cordele, GA


May, 2006 - Cross Roads Baptist Church, Lawrenceville, Georgia


April, 2006 - Mt. Vernon Baptist Church, Byromville, Georgia


April, 2006 - Americus First Baptist Church, Americus Georgia


March, 2006 - Women's Tea Speaker, Sweat Baptist Church, Waycross, GA


March, 2006 - Boston First Baptist Church, Boston, GA


March, 2006 - Women's Retreat Leader and Speaker, New Canaan Baptist Church Lawrenceville, GA


February, 2006 - Teamed up with "The Diamonds Gospel Singers" and "Neysa Wilkins" (news anchor) for two nights of inspiration. Quitman, GA


February, 2006 - First Baptist Church Women on Mission, Cordele, GA


January, 2006 - First Methodist Church Women's Circle, Cordele, GA


October, 2006 - Woman's Day Sermon, Warwick First Baptist Church, Warwick, GA


September, 2005 - Warwick Business Organization Senior Citizens


September, 2005 - Women's Retreat Leader and Speaker, Crossview Baptist Church, Fitzgerald, GA


May - September, 2005 -  3rd Sunday morning services, 2nd Wednesday morning devotions. Cordelia Manor, Cordele, GA


June, 2005 - Speaker, 39er's Club, Pinecrest Baptist Church, Cordele, GA 


April 3, 2005 - Morning Worship Service Speaker - First United Methodist Church, Vienna, Georgia


February - March, 2005 - Taught a nine-week series of classes at Pinecrest Baptist Church, Cordele, GA during the Sunday evening services.


February, 2005 - Speaker - Lake Blackshear Baptist Church, (Deacons and Wives Banquet) Cordele, GA


January, 2005 - Speaker - Wenona Baptist Church WMU


January, 2005 - Speaker Rotary Club, Cordele, Georgia


September, 2004 to January, 2005 - Taught an eighteen-week series of "Purpose-Driven Life" classes at Warwick First Baptist Church.


October, 2004 - Speaker at Cordele Area Tent Crusade.


October, 2004 - Speaker - First United Methodist Church, Senior Citizens Luncheon, Warwick, GA


October, 2004 - Speaker - TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), Cordele, GA


May, 2004 to August, 2004 - Taught a fourteen-week series of "Purpose-Driven Life" classes at Arabi Baptist Church, Arabi, Georgia.


August, 2004 - Speaker, Fitzgerald Baptist Church, WMU, Fitzgerald, GA


June, 2004 - Vacation Bible School Opening Program Leader, Warwick First United Methodist Church


July, 2004 - Speaker - Rotary Club, Cordele, GA


January, 2004 to May, 2004 - Taught a twelve-week series of "Purpose-Driven Life" classes at Penia Baptist Church, Cordele, Georgia


May, 2004 - Speaker - Women's Tea, Kinchafoonee Baptist Church, Leesburg, Georgia


May, 2004 - Judge for Grits Festival Beauty Pageant


April, 2004 - Georgia Banking Women's Association - Retreat Leader - Cordele, GA


April, 2004 - Speaker - Unadilla Baptist Church, Pre-Revival Program, Unadilla, GA


January, 2004 - Luncheon Speaker - Unadilla Senior Citizens


December, 2003 - Speaker - Rotary Club, Cordele, GA


October, 2003 - Speaker - Senior Citizens Luncheon, Warwick, GA


May, 2003 - Speaker - Rotary Club, Cordele, GA


May, 2003 - Speaker - Kiwanis Club, Cordele, GA


May, 2003 - Speaker - Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary Tea, Macon, GA


May, 2003 - Speaker, Mother's Day Banquet - Third Street Baptist Church, Cordele, GA


April, 2003 - Speaker, Women's Mission Circle - First United Methodist Church, Cordele, GA


March, 2003 - Speaker, Women Aglow - Cordele, GA


March, 2003 - Speaker, Pleasant View Baptist Church - WMU - Pitts, Georgia


March, 2003 - Speaker, Bethlehem Baptist Church - WMU - Ocilla, GA


March, 2003 - Speaker, First Methodist Church - UMW - Cochran, Georgia


March, 2003 - Speaker, Bethlehem Baptist Church - Teen Talk before revival - Ocilla, GA


February, 2003 - Speaker, First Baptist Church, Women's Missionary Union - Vienna, GA


January, 2003 - Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary - Macon, GA


December, 2002 - Speaker, Arabi Baptist Church Sunday school party


November, 2002 - Keynote Speaker, Associational WUM meeting, Cordele, GA


October, 2002 - Speaker, Lions Club, Cordele, GA


November, 2001 - Speaker, Teacher Sorority Meeting, Cordele, GA


October, 2001 - Speaker, First United Methodist Church, Cordele, GA UMW


October, 2001 - Speaker, Baghdad Club, Crisp Regional Hospital, Cordele, GA


October, 2001 - Speaker, 39er's Club, Pinecrest Baptist Church, Cordele, GA


September, 2001 - Speaker, Lions Club, Vienna, GA


July, 2001 - Speaker, Wenona Baptist Church, Senior Citizens Luncheon


March, 2001 - Speaker, Tippettville Baptist Church - Women's Day Program, Vienna, GA















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