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Nancy B. Gibbs

Author, Women's Events Speaker

A church sponsored women's event is the perfect opportunity for ladies of all ages to grow closer to Jesus and to each other. Both large and small churches benefit when their ladies gather together, decorate tables, share a meal (or refreshments), and receive an inspirational message. This is also a great time to share the gospel with those family members, friends and neighbors who do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

During my previous events many ladies have been saved, while others have rededicated their lives to Jesus. They cry and laugh as I speak. Many relax for an afternoon or even for an entire weekend. Most wives and mothers today work hard and find attending a conference or a women's retreat offers them a sense of rejuvenation. I have witnessed changed lives and have oftentimes seen ladies place their burdens on the altar following my talks. It isn't about how many people attend an event. If only one life is changed as a result of the gathering, it's worth it all!

Presenting an event is not as difficult as it might seem. It takes some time and effort, but simply speaking... it is a heartwarming experience for first time hostesses as well as for those who help her. And those who are already experienced hostesses find great joy in watching the ladies in their church receive abundant joy as a result of their efforts.

I have spoken at more than 200 ladies events over the past 17 years. I have written over 100 programs. I will also write programs to fit any theme requested. I love speaking about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I love sharing the gospel with others. I have personally led numerous people to Jesus at my speaking events and my passion has become leading people to Jesus one person at a time.

I am an author, columnist, and freelance writer. I have nine published books. I have written for numerous publishers such as Guideposts, Chicken Soup for the Soul, On Mission, Mature Living and Woman's World. I write for devotional guide and Sunday school papers, as well. For the past 7 years I have presented a devotion on WSST-TV two mornings a week. It is my desire that those who watch Wisdom From the Word will be drawn closer to Jesus as a result.

I have helped women's ministry leaders build and grow a women's ministry program. My audiences run anywhere from 20 to 1000+ ladies. I accept the designated amount of money in your budget or a love offering for my services. 

If you are planning an event or considering an event, please give me a call. I would love to talk to you about how I can help. Thank you.

Nancy's Blog
Wednesday, May 07 2014
I always try to post uplifting and encouraging messages. Sometimes, however, I run into roadblocks. A few days ago I had a situation that was weighing heavy on my heart. So I went to my favorite little place in the world and talked to God about it. That afternoon, I realized that God didn't answer my prayer in the way I had asked. I was somewhat disappointed because this was really important to me. I have to admit I asked God "why?" He didn't answer my question immediately, but the next day I sensed that He wanted me to know that He had another plan. I thought about how the Bible tells us that our plans are not God's plans... His plans are much better than ours. So in response I have turned it all over to Him and I'm simply trusting Him to be God. And I realized that I don't want His job; for simply speaking I'm sure I would make a terrible mess of everything. Will you trust God even when you don't always understand? I am.
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Wednesday, May 07 2014
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Wednesday, May 07 2014

When life throws us lemons with God, we can make lemonade. 

I think back to days from the past when I thought God had forgotten about me. But today I know that He's with us regardless of the situations we are facing. God doesn't only appear when we are obedient to Him or when we're doing all the right things. God stands beside us every minute of every day. Many people ask me why I work so hard for Jesus. The answer is simple... He gave His best for me... His life. 

Is life throwing you lemons today? If so, make lemonade with God. 

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